1. Technical report describing the data structure and methods for operating on screening data. PDF
  2. Open-source software for the standardized application of existing methods in liquid biopsy data analysis, supported by online catalogue of existing methods and data resources. PDF
  3. Open-source software CAUSEXPR, to prioritize likely causal mutations from genotype and gene expression. PDF
  4. Technical report on approaches to outlier detection in patient ‘omics data. PDF
  5. Open-source software that implements causal stability ranking for high-dimensional genotype data. PDF
  6. Open-source software supporting the molecular tumour characterization pipeline and predicting perturbed pathways. PDF
  7. Technical report on new disease entities that were identified using novel statistical methods. PDF
  8. Open-source software implementing an updated version of Renjin that supports the major Bioconductor packages; a code library of benchmarks; and a technical report describing the most significant performance bottlenecks. PDF
  9. Technical report with definitions and best practice guidelines; and software package for simulation of experimental design and choice of validation sites in cancer genomics. PDF
  10. Database of solved cases. PDF
  11. Open-source software implementing end-to-end analysis and integrating the results from T1.1-1.5. PDF
  12. Technical report on existing and novel methods. PDF
  13. Open-source software to estimate structured sparse models from multi-omics data. PDF
  14. Open-source software that implements tumour diversity time series analysis. PDF
  15. Technical report and software for predictive modelling of drug response and detection of outlier samples. PDF
  16. Technical report describing the design of re-capture platform for deep sequencing and validation. PDF
  17. Technical report on biomarkers analysed with transcriptome and metabolome data and technical report on novel pathomechanisms. PDF
  18. SOUNDData and SOUNDHub public data resources. PDF
  19. Website of Interactive Reports for select outcomes of WP2. PDF
  20. Software package for automated benchmarking. PDF
  21. Technical report with evaluation of performance improvement or regression from D9.2. PDF