1. Technical report describing the data structure and methods for operating on screening data. PDF
  2. Open-source software for the standardized application of existing methods in liquid biopsy data analysis, supported by online catalogue of existing methods and data resources. PDF
  3. Open-source software CAUSEXPR, to prioritize likely causal mutations from genotype and gene expression. PDF
  4. Technical report on approaches to outlier detection in patient ‘omics data. PDF
  5. Open-source software that implements causal stability ranking for high-dimensional genotype data. PDF
  6. Open-source software supporting the molecular tumour characterization pipeline and predicting perturbed pathways. PDF
  7. Technical report on new disease entities that were identified using novel statistical methods. PDF
  8. Open-source software implementing an updated version of Renjin that supports the major Bioconductor packages; a code library of benchmarks; and a technical report describing the most significant performance bottlenecks. PDF
  9. Technical report with definitions and best practice guidelines; and software package for simulation of experimental design and choice of validation sites in cancer genomics. PDF
  10. Database of solved cases. PDF